Protect What Is Being Built

We all have had a Babylonian Empire in our lives (people, relationships, habits, mindsets, etc.). At some point someone or something came and took you out of where God intended for you to be (physically, emotionally, and/or mentally). But like in the book of Ezra, you have returned to the place of God, to the right motives, the right state of mind, the right surroundings, but everything is DESTROYED! The first thing God wants to do is Rebuild his temple which is YOU (your heart, your mind, your body)! Because we know in 1 Corinthians 6:19, the bible tells us we are temples of the Holy Spirit. We cannot and are not going to do it Alone! There is a Remnant! There is a PEOPLE, there is a GOD that is in the process and wants to continue the process of Rebuilding your temple. But I believe the most critical part that God wants to do is Rebuild your WALL, the same way Nehemiah was used to Rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.Continue reading “Protect What Is Being Built”

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