Hold on Hannah

You know what made me fall in love with Christ the most in the beginning of my walk? I fell in love with the fact that he got me, he understood me, he knew the deepest layers of my heart and can I tell you they are deep! I loved not having to explain myself … Continue reading Hold on Hannah

Encouragement on the Hard Day

You ever have a day that just drags and goes by so slow. It is just mentally exhausting, talk about between 50 and 70,000 thoughts going through the mind daily. The bible speaks about how David encouraged himself, he strengthened himself in the Lord. "6 Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, … Continue reading Encouragement on the Hard Day

Time Wasted

After coming back from speaking at my first women’s conference “Fierce” in March, my God did my internal battle become more fierce, it truly intensified. What do I mean by that? Can you accept my truth? It is hard to express the depth of emptiness I feel at times, and man that feeling had exacerbated and … Continue reading Time Wasted

To The Single One On Valentine’s Day

Today is such a great day! Today we celebrate relationships, friendships, it is the day of LOVE! We see the balloons, flowers, gifts, celebrations all around.  However, I recognize this day is not easy for everyone. Maybe you are the single person who never celebrated Valentine's Day before, or the one who just got out … Continue reading To The Single One On Valentine’s Day