♥ Welcome to Himilayan Salt ♥

My name is Kristen, I was born and raised in Westchester, NY.  I accepted Christ in the beginning of 2013 at MUI Church (Mission United International). Throughout the years I have helped in children’s ministry, youth ministry, as well as assisting with administrative tasks. I am currently the Women’s Ministry Coordinator at MUI and also participate in the teaching roster for bible study. I work as a full-time administrative assistant for a private organization, and am also currently pursuing my bachelors in Health Services Administration to further my studies.

Some of my personal interests and things I enjoy are music, long drives, poetry (especially spoken word), and writing of course! We all have a story and writing is how I share mine. My blogs are how I reflect but also encourage others through what I am going through. Himilayan Salt started off as a nickname given to me during a bible study. Salt is known mostly for its seasoning and preservation abilities. I am called, and you are called to bring good flavor to this earth through our words and actions. We have the ability to preserve life in such dark times and that is what I pray my blogs can do even for just one person. In my moments of weakness, pain, growth, and reflection where I turn to writing, I pray strength would be birthed in you by the Lord to keep salting the earth!

With Love,

Kristen ♥